a Year of Letters

  • Mio Yokota
A calendar is one of the most common pieces of print on desks / walls. I had always wondered if typefaces themselves work as pictures to express changing seasons instead of using images with numerals of dates. The aim of this calendar is to recapture the perception of seasons in the modern lives in Tokyo since it has been very crucial elements of Japanese culture. I designed twelve new typefaces of numerals that reflect Japanese seasonal words for each month and a sans-serif as a result. 
Jour Sans is a sans serif typeface which is designed to display names of days and months in small size on the calendar. It has hand-written humanistic strokes with the intention to have a friendly and casual mood to be used for the item on a wall we see every day; terminals are unmodified, tales signify the angle of hand strokes. It has a high x-height and rounded bowls.