Årstiderna — Nature's Autumn Collection

  • Alex Myers

Manifest reached out to Årstiderna, a 100% organic recipe box based on seasonal food during the summer of 2020 as we saw a huge potential in helping the brand conquer and take leadership of the recipe box market. Årstiderna was well established on the Danish market, so they already had a great product and online store in place. What they didn’t have and what they needed our help with was elevating their communication in Sweden to show everyone who they are and why they are the superior option to other recipe boxes. What we delivered: Strategic framework Creative comms platform

The Strategic Framework

We dove down into the deepest of insights to find out what makes Årstiderna different from other recipe box brands and how we could create that emotional connection with their target audience.

The Creative Comms Platform

We wanted to create a platform that unified both the emotional value of Årstiderna’s target audience and the unique product they offer.
Based on the insights and the difference that the brand makes in both peoples lives and the world, we developed an internal creative comms platform that centred on the heart of the product – food to make people feel good.‘Good’ in that it’s good for your tummy, good for your wallet, good for your conscience, good for your body, good for the family, good for the future and most importantly, good for the planet.

Arstiderna FW20

With our platform in place, we created a Q4 campaign that gave the finger to fast fashion. The fashion industry’s obsession with creating new clothing collections and pushing them on people as ‘must haves’ is devastating for the environment and gives seasonal living a bad reputation. We wanted to challenge this way of looking at seasons and show people that there is only one season worth following – the fruit and veggie one.
As Autumn fashion weeks went live all over Europe, we launched Årstiderna FW20 to share what was truly ‘in season’.
Messages such as ‘This Autumn it’s all about layers’ and ‘The green must-haves this fall’ were spread all over social media, press and display ads showing high engagement across all of our selected channels.