About UAL: London College of Fashion

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London College of Fashion, UAL is a world leader in fashion design, media and business education. We have been nurturing creative talent for over a century, offering courses in all things fashion.
With over 70 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and 165 short courses across every subject, we encourage our students to examine the past and challenge the present. To have inventive, assertive ideas that challenge social and political agendas. We give them the skills, opportunities – and above all, the freedom – to put those ideas into practice.

Our Values

Fashion Means Business

Through inspirational teaching we nurture the next generation of creative leaders and thinkers who work in responsible, analytical and ingenious ways. Our strategic commercial partnerships support local and global enterprise. Students benefit from our connections with industry and so does industry.

Fashion Makes Style

In design, we teach a combination of heritage and radical thinking. Craftsmanship and new technology. Engineering – and in-depth design research. We teach innovative ideas first – and then innovative practice to bring them to life. 

Fashion Tells Stories

We nurture every student’s distinctive voice, teaching them how to challenge and define the future of fashion through cutting-edge media approaches across all channels: broadcast, print, digital, interactive, experiential – and experimental.

Fashion Shapes Lives

Fashion can change lives. Through teaching, specialist research, and collaborative work, we empower our students to think differently, using fashion to examine the past, build a sustainable future, and improve the way we live.

Project Imagery
Design: Janni Vepsalainen 
Photographer: Wanda Martin
Stylist: Federica Cerri