Abstract Nature - Graduate Collection

  • Louise Brown
  • Dijana Lukunic
My concept initially builds on the relationship between the fragility and danger within nature, exploring how these characteristics exist in a shared environment. Exploring plants such as Cacti, which are known to be dangerous and an obstacle to many animals, in relation to the bird which is something fragile and delicate yet at times uses the cactus as a home and somewhere to feed. The qualities of the research have been interpreted through drawing, colour, material and technical exploration. Finally focusing on the delicate characteristics and translating these through embellished techniques into the collection of final samples. The final collection of textiles utilises embellishment and beadwork as its main feature. These textiles are designed for high street stores such as Zara and ready to wear collections. Aimed at those who want to express their personality through textiles and are inspired by Couture fashion.