Accelera - Brand + Website

  • Lucianne Soley

Uniting sales and marketing teams, resulting in accelerated results. SERVICES Consultancy Brand Strategy Brand Identity Website Design Originally Media Effect, founder Marco reached out to discuss the future of his business. Media Effect had seen huge growth since its foundation, building a global team and Marco’s feeling was that the branding and website were no longer ‘cutting’ it. We began a journey of discovery with a full-day in-house workshop with the entire team to discover the brand’s values, mission, purpose, and sentiment and to train the team on ideation so they could come up with a new name for the business internally. Accelera was chosen, defining the acceleration of success their clients see and the Italian heritage of their founder. Accelera required a brand identity to suit the community-spirit the team had and so we developed a logo suite to ‘fit’ in the tech space but devised a series of shapes from the logo to represent the community spirit of the unique individuals that drive Accelera forward. A Squarespace website was designed and built by us for the team, with a ‘how-to’ guide delivered to empower internal changes to the website when required.