Ace & Tate Christmas campaign 2018

  • Isabel van Zeller

Every year around Christmas time, Ace & Tate creates a gift card campaign. We (in-house creative team) always try to conceive an idea that is different from everything else out there, and keeps with our witty tone of voice. CONCEPT: Christmas is great, but let's be real, it's also a time of extreme anxiety: the queues, the traffic, the absurd money spending, the amount of cinnamon on everything, the meeting the in-laws, the family gatherings. There are a ton of worries. So, how can we help ease the stress? Enter our gift cards: the most thoughtful, thoughtless gift out there. We played with the idea of Christmas being a magical but mostly crappy time of year, and offered a solution to make it less crappy. The main message being: the Ace & Tate gift card is the ideal gift because it shows your loved ones that you care, but requires no real effort at all. Happy holidays! The different shapes are the Worry Warts of Christmas, and represent different worries during this time of year. Responsible for concept (along with designers) copy and story-telling.