Adidas Originals Timeless Classics

Adidas brand always seems to be ahead of the game. With the famous slogan 'Impossible Is Nothing' and daring advertising, Adidas has found admirers all over the world. Adidas has been around for more than 90 years now, yet the brand always finds the right tone of voice to engage with every next youth generation. To celebrate the immortality of the brand, we decided to remind the youngsters that Adidas yet youthful brand, has existed for more than nine decades and lived through so many periods of time.
Client: Adidas
Message: Adidas Originals brand is timeless.
Platforms: Physical stores, streets/ Twitter and Facebook
Deliverables: Illustrations of 'timeless' personalities placed in Adidas stores/ live street performances of classical genre captured through video/ user-generated content on Facebook and Twitter.
Timeline: Phase 1 - Activation in physical stores via visual art
Phase 2 - Live street performances (ballet and pantomime)
Phase 3 - Continued conversation on social media that can be found with #timelessadidas
The illustrations of 'classics' are placed in Adidas stores to promote the idea that Adidas brand is timeless and it will go strong throughout the years.
Classical performances, such as ballet and pantomime have existed for centuries. They are timeless, they are 'the original' - just like Adidas brand. We decided to create this association by having performers wearing Adidas clothing during pop up street performances. All captured on video and shared through Adidas social media channels.
To keep the conversation going for #TimelessAdidas campaign, we asked people on Twitter and Facebook to share what is timeless for them in their personal lives. People shared their family photos, some mentioned books, others - sports cars.

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