ADIDAS | Waiting For The Weekend

  • Tiwirayi Magwenzi
  • Alessandro De Agostini

C41 partners with Adidas Originals to launch PROPHERE, a sneaker presented as provocative and uncompromising. To match the inner soul of this product, Adidas Originals asked for bold content, crafted around the Milan street scene. C41 designs, writes and produces “Waiting for the weekend”, an advertorial with a consistent narrative touch. THE STORY REVOLVES AROUND THE TRUE LIVES OF FEW YOUNGSTERS, CROSSING ONE ANOTHER. PROPHERE IS THEREFORE INSERTED IN THIS VISUAL ENVIRONMENT NOT ONLY AS A PRODUCT BUT AS THE PHYSICAL REPRESENTATION OF THE NARRATION’S CORE: BEING AUTHENTIC, WITHOUT ANY COMPROMISE. Along with the short film, C41 created a series of stills for the campaign, presented as an editorial on C41 Magazine our online platform.