Adidas x EQT

  • Ashley Verse
adidas is built on the premise of innovation and EQT is the shoe that defines creativity and excellence.
The birth of EQT was motivated by the concept of essentialism, the idea that the release would include “everything that is essential, nothing that is not”. The back-to-basics result was a performance-driven 90s classic that became an underground success in London and beyond.
In 2017, adidas Originals and EQT is inspiring a new generation of game changers to embody the concept of essentialism.

Game Changers

Essentialism is inspiring a new wave of creators on their journey to excellence. From photographers to DJs and lyricists to chefs, attention to detail and a commitment to becoming the best in class is pushing culture forward.

Ashley Verse

Age: 24  Discipline: Photography
When I work, my essentials can change depending on a few things but generally, I like to stay equipped with everything. Camera, a couple of batteries, flash, charger. If I’m doing a whole day of shooting, I can’t be caught in a situation where the battery cuts out.
Over the years I’ve definitely streamlined my process by learning to work better with my environment. If I’m outside, I’ll switch up, won’t need flash, maybe a reflector. I understand where I’m gonna be and pinpoint the specifics. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have to go through trial and error, especially when you’re starting out.
There’s the excitement of having loads of bits of equipment and it’s common to assume you’ll need it. I learned on the fly but still had opportunities to learn from other people.
Travelling the world inspires you to capture everything from a new perspective and it’s definitely changed my process. A lot of my original works were based about my native environments, urban areas and estates but new experiences help me compose for a number of environments.
I use different aspects of my creativity in different settings. At a live show my mind is obviously operating in a responsive way, rather than if I was shooting or even trying to conceptualise something for a campaign. That’s always a challenge for any creative, just to be flexible and adaptable.
I recently shot my first album cover, Chip’s ‘League of my Own 2’ and my first magazine cover, J Hus for Mixmag, and with both, I had to approach them differently than I usually do. Usually for live events or concerts, everyone knows where to find me, I’ll be right up front enjoying the event, enjoying the moment because the music that I shoot around, I’m directly connected to.
That’s the key to me being able to do what I do, I’m from the scene and the culture, so it all comes naturally to me. You have to live it.
I’ve always enjoyed adidas as a brand and the EQTs to me are the most comfortable and wearable, especially for what I do. I need to be active and on my feet most of the day.
My process really works on capturing 'the feeling'. Hard to describe but it’s that feeling. Sometimes I’ll go home and have that urge to edit straight away, sometimes I’ll have my laptop and edit on the tube, heading home. Other times you have to put things aside and look at it with fresh eyes.
With photography, my philosophy has always been really simple - capture your best pictures, live your best moments. As much as it’s my job to capture the magic, I’m also aware that I’m present and I’m living within it too.
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