Adobe Stock Film Fest 2020

  • Kelsey Rath

"While we continue to adapt to a world facing a number of challenges, one thing that remains the same is the power of creativity. Seeing our global creative community adapt and evolve their craft is a testament to how their passion adds kindling to the inspiration of others and provokes discussion. With this in mind, we asked 13 talented filmmakers from all over the world to produce a film in under five days with unlimited access to Adobe Stock footage, audio from Epidemic Sound, and Premiere Pro to show us what the future of creativity looks like." - Adobe Stock

"The Sweet Escape"
Humans are creatures of habit, comfort and stability. “The Sweet Escape” discovers what happens when that world shatters and we are faced with a drastic change in our lives. It’s easy to become paralyzed by fear and afraid to move forward. Feelings of alienation and distrust set in and we can become a danger to ourselves and those around us. But what happens when we decide to flip the switch? Creativity can be found in many different ways - in all of us. What a gift it is to realize that. What a powerful tool to use in the discovery of ourselves and how we can help others around us. We can start to bring back color, happiness and peace into our world. It becomes our escape from the fear; an escape into a new way of living and a postive outlook on what’s to come.