Aerial Earth

  • Becks Brett
Aerial Earth was my final major project at university. It is a celebration of the magnificence of nature and the ever-changing landscapes across the Earth’s surface as viewed from above translated into printed fabric designs. Drawing from aerial views of the seven main landscape types, the collection illuminates the extraordinary shapes, colours and textures that exist on Earth’s surface.
Capturing detailed perspectives of the Earth’s surface from both close-up and far away, the imagery used to inspire the designs was collected first-hand using a drone to record video and stills of landscapes at various locations and through existing second-hand imagery.
This diverse collection of tactile and abstract print designs was created using a number of techniques including, discharge and pigment screen printing, resist dying, stencilling, printing with sand, devoré and some appliqué. In addition to this, a number of digital designs were also created from illustrations and paintings to compliment the screen-printed designs.
All materials used in this collection were collected scraps of cellulose fabrics or natural end of roll fabrics from London that would have otherwise been thrown away. This is to reflect the natural theme of this project and utilise what exists naturally on Earth, while also reducing the environmental impact and making it more sustainable.
The prints are aimed at the high-end unisex market, and this is reflected in the colour palette, fabric choices and print scale and placements.