• Jethro Nepomuceno
  • Quinn Lovero

This project came about after we watched “Black Mirror” and “The Good Place”, seeing all the lies that take place with Corporations, Religions, and to ourselves, we wanted to create a sort of social commentary on these topics. What we decided to do was to create a tech company that sells the concept of the afterlife to you with these specialized glasses. These glasses in turn monitor all your actions and arbitrarily gives it a positive or negative score depending on if it was deemed good or bad. The points you get basically justify whether or not you are going to Heaven or Hell. Crazy right? But with the world moving at the rate, it is today it would not be crazy to see this type of concept being fully released to the market in the next 15 years. We already see how these big tech companies can control our lives, and we have also seen how Religion have a strong grasp on our beliefs. It only takes one little push in the wrong direction, and we could end up with what we created today.