• Brian McCarthy

Aistetic requried a video which explained their product. The product is an AI tailoring app. The video needed to clearly communicate how the products functions.

A CG recreation of the actor in the film needed designing. The first solution to recreate the model would be 3D photogrammetry. Using 3 different applications the photogrammetry failed to render usable results. This meant the model needed recreation via other means. With a tight turn around several options exhausted. An attempt to sculpt the face using Cinema 4D’s native tools proved time consuming. The fasted results came from using a base human mesh in DAZ. Although the textures and mesh were polished the face still required work. Projection mapping quickly became the best way to resemble the actors face on the 3D model.
Photo references and video footage were taken from several angles which provided a strong base to project the image of the actors face onto the 3D mesh.
Clothes were then modelled and textured to fit the CG mesh. The next challenge was showing the application scanning the actor’s body into the phone to then use that data which transitioned into building a 3D mesh of the actor.
The visual information from CG mesh was turned into a wireframe and then reversed to achieve the transition. The design and animation of the UI were final elements which tied the whole piece together.