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  • Noemi Di Nunzio
  • Miao Zhuang

After my graduation, I founded the project I have developed in my dissertation called Aitho Entertainment. I founded back in my hometown Catania (in Sicily, Italy) in January 2018 with a group of friends, we're now a team of six people. Aitho Entertainment aims to combine art, considered the "high" culture, with the underground culture and so music and streetwear. It also aims to promote the UK sound in Italy and vice versa. Aitho Entertainment is both a digital platform (we're on Instagram and Facebook) and events planner that aspires to release unique experiences using creative elements such as art, design, or music, show off the emerging talents we love and connecting with other realities.


We are a Digital Platform, we love sharing snippets about contemporary art, design, streetwear and music. We release playlists to promote various UK genres in Sicily and so to let the two places to get to know each other better.

"SOLOCAL" is one of the playlists we have created to promote the UK grime genre in Italy. The artwork is a famous painting drawn by a sicilian artist, Renato Guttuso, and it shows the local market in Palermo (Sicily), the message wants to combine the idea of a local sound from London with a local picture from Italy.


We organised our first event, "Issue n.1", on the 28th of March 2018, it was the first exhibition + dj set organised in Catania by an event planner. We teamed up with a brand and an artist so they could feature in the exhibition. We also hosted two djs, one from London and one from Catania.
We came back in December 2018 to organise a Christmas Party, "The Christmas Issue", in total UK style and a New Year's party called "Free Energy".

For these two events we asked people to record different Instagram Stories, we selected the best and edited together to realise an aftermovie.


In Spring / Summer 2018 we teamed up with two different events organisations in Catania to realise fun stage sets.

The Baroque Issue - April 18, 2019 at Palazzo Scuderi in catania

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