Album Campaign - Yazz Ahmed, La Saboteuse

  • Sophie Bass
  • Ella Preda
  • Seb JJ Peters
  • Charlie S
Yazz Ahmed's explosive 2017 second album 'La Saboteuse' was recognised widely, earning her the title of ‘High Priestess of Pyschedelic Arabic Jazz’. The album scooped numerous Best of ‘17 lists, as well as becoming a heavyweight UN certified UNESCO album of the decade.

This album also saw the first collaboration of Sophie Bass (Illustration & Sleeve Design) & Charlie Jungle (Art Direction & Product Management), a relationship that has continued over the years across multiple projects.

Sophie was given free response to create the stunning four panel gatefold artwork for La Saboteuse. Drawing on Yazz's unique blend of her Arabic roots and contemporary Jazz, Sophie’s response to the music created an intoxicating and hypnotic cover quickly earning her Reid Miles comparisons from respected critics across the scene.

Charlie's crafting of this into the final gatefold employed the use of Arabic calligraphy and a full 4 panel deboss, creating an undulating and tactile final product.
“Suddenly seeing my inner destroyer, La Saboteuse, given physical form as a living breathing entity made me gasp - a real jaw dropping moment.

The way that you transposed psychological concepts into a physical image - my anti-muse literally dragging the victim into the depths… it really helped cement the whole idea - seeing how dangerous and evil she can be” - Yazz Ahmed on Sophie’s artwork
“its potent mix of post-bop lyricism and modern fusion soundscaping makes connections with both head and heart.” - Dave Sumner, Bandcamp
“…let Ahmed take you on a beautiful journey of forward-thinking jazz compositions.” - Twistedsoul
“Even if you’re not familiar or terribly interested in jazz, Ahmed’s music deserves your attention, and she’ll most likely make you second guess your thoughts on jazz.” - Headphone Nation
"It is a statement in its own right, and one with substance." - Chris May, All About Jazz
UNESCO Crossing Borders Institute - 'Album of The Decade' (The 2010's)
Alex Award Nominee - 'Best Gatefold' (2017)

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