• Mitra ( Dima Dobrovolskis )

A short commercial for shopping centre ALFA. I was screaming from happiness when I got the brief: the agency wanted to show different characters, different life moments that take place in ALFA everyday. I was like "YEAH! BIG SHOPPING CENTRE! BIG BUDGET! BIG AD!". I was wrong. I was big-wrong. In the end I had a very-limited-budget and very-unlimited-expectations. A small crew, almost no lights and a short filming day. Luckily, good planning helped us to squeeze out the maximum we could from the location. When we got outside of the shopping centre for the teens scene it was actually very cloudy. And I knew that this scene would work only with a sun. Without shadows there would be no interest. So I can't say enough good words to my DOP. He knew my vision and my expectation on the visual look, so he backed up me and insisted to wait for the sun. And on the very tight shooting day, a word "wait" isn't something the producer and agency wants to hear from you. But it worked.