All About The Stars

  • Krasimira Stoyneva
  • Iryna Degoda
  • Dana Verri
  • Alice Martinelli


Showcasing bold prints, synthetic hair and with the consistent theme of stars, Krasimira Stoyneva is proud to promote her A/W17 collection ‘ALL ABOUT STARS’ with Fashion Scout this season. Graduating from University of East London in 2014, Krasimira Stoyneva creates collections with conviction; encouraging the use of synthetic hair as an innovative and ethical solution to fur within design. Promoting the brand ethos of ‘Wear Hair Not Fur’. Considering the representation of stars as symbols of unity worldwide, Krasimira Stoyneva created ‘ALL ABOUT STARS’ in order to encourage people to question their own ideas of unity in 2017. The colour palette makes reference to flags from countries across the world, marrying them together to create a striking array of strong colours that work in harmony; a metaphor in relation to current world affairs for the audience to consider. A unique combination of bold and colourful prints gives ‘ALL ABOUT STARS’ an unapologetic attitude. Paired with Krasimira Stoyneva’s signature use of synthetic hair; the result is a vibrant collection of flowing silhouettes that move and change with the wearer. ‘ALL ABOUT STARS’ focuses on the modern woman, empowered by her identity, and using style as an extension of herself. The wearer exudes confidence and playful individuality whilst striving for luxury. After the successful debut of her first collection at Graduate Fashion Week in 2014, Krasimira Stoyneva has won awards such as the Vogue Italia ‘Young Vision Award’ and the ‘Highly commended Award’ by Diversity Now in 2014. These awards have secured Krasimira Stoyneva’s place as one to watch as the brand continuously strives for fresh ideas that are at the forefront of ethical fashion. SS17 ‘FINE LINES’ look book can be found on the Krasimira Stoyneva official website along with previous collections ‘BEHIND THE SEAMS’, ‘STITCHES’ and ‘FUTURE QUEENS’. AW17 will be launching with Fashion Scout this February along with an exhibition space.