Alwaysland (Soundtrack Replacement/Enhancement)

I was the chief supervising sound editor tasked with replacing and enhancing the original soundtrack for the short film 'Alwaysland'. As such, every single audio element was replaced by my team and I, this included ADR, Foley, SFX, Ambiences and much more.


Chief Supervising Sound Editor: Alex C Bain
ADR Producer/Editor: Alex C Bain
ADR/Mix Engineer: Max Billingham
Foley: Alex C Bain, Aivaras Azukaitis
SFX/Ambiences: Alex C Bain, Matt Smith
Music: Filip Bartek
ADR Artists: Jed Brooke-Williams, Zoe Dolphin, Matt Smith, Alex C Bain
Directed by David Girvan.


Alex Bain

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