Amnesty International

We were tasked with creating something socially engaging to create awareness for the refugee crisis.
In a group of students, we designed and build this stand for throwing hoops onto these sticks – purposely making it quite difficult – with only about 2% of the throws being successful.
The rings were to represent a life ring float, used to save people from drowning.
The difficulty of it represented the difficulty of being a refugee and that a even lower percentage of them actually make it across the channel safely or at all.
I was part of the team who delivered and built the concept and I was solely responsible for lming and photography on the day. I edited the photos and the lm was edited by other members of the team.
To view our lm please search ‘#SaferJourneys’ on YouTube
We took it to Central London and put it to the test. It was very popular with the public with over 150 individuals taking part.
After playing the game people were engaged and we had the opportunity to tell them some shocking facts. For example – Last year 5000 refugees died trying to cross the Mediterranean. Following this we asked them to sign a government petition.
Group project with: Phoebe Brown Alex Rooney Harry Archer Jamie Webb Scott Coleman William Lintern