An evanescent fix

‘An evanescent fix’, a group exhibition bringing together the work of Jack Brindley, Keith Farquhar, Charlie Godet Thomas, Clare Kenny and Wil Murray who reconfigure, manipulate and occupy the presence and notions of photography within their practice.

The exhibition looks at unusual processes and obscurities that question the works materiality. By reconfiguring and removing previous forms, narratives disperse providing a dialogue making one consider the physicality of ‘things’. Through gesture, colour, material and assemblage the show looks at ways these approaches are employed; encouraging the spectator to question form, materials and narrative, which may or may not have once laid beneath.

Raw steel rods and structures interrogate and transform the architecture of the space created by Jack Brindley, holding flatbed prints on re-used dibond, that weave in a somewhat transient nature amongst other works encouraging the spectator to become part of this narrative. Keith Farquhar’s hyperrealist inkjet-printed plastic bags collected from family members’ recycling questions the objects material.

Charlie Godet Thomas’ practice bridges sculpture, photography and painting whilst refusing so sit neatly into any one category. Images are held still in cast rubber, or obscured through adhered undulating surfaces of pigment. Thomas’ rigorous approach of reconfiguring photographic images are an attempt to liberate otherwise ‘difficult’ imagery into the realm of colour, surface, weight and movement. Wil Murrays works poses questions of photography and its relationship and concern to paint, through complex and decisive gestures each material manipulates the other increasing its compositional and conceptual permutations.

Reality and representation are explored within Clare Kenny’s practice, fragmented narratives are manipulated through subtle gestures and assemblages, curling, rolling and folding, re-evaluating the works authenticity. The exhibition draws on nostalgic elements often associated to photography, through unusual processes and meetings of materials.

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