An Evening with Stephanie, Live Art Dining Soiree

  • Magdalena Moursy
  • Hugo Wheeler

L'Escargot 7th and 14th April 2015 Artists: Eleanor Johnson and Venetia Berry Model: Stephanie Griffiths An Evening With Stephanie A Live Art Dining Soiree 7 and 14 April 2016 L'Escargot, Soho ​ Sponsored by Absolut ​ Artists: Venetia Berry and Eleanor Johnson An Evening Soiree is a live art dining event that aims to promote emerging artists covering different art disciplines. Held at the eccentric Soho town house L’Escargot, this ticketed series of dinners aims to immerse the spectator in the piece being created, this is achieved with transparency - the audience will be wined and dined by L’Escargot whilst viewing this process of creation. After three hours of intense work by the artists, the audience is invited to join an informed discussion about the artists’ progress and technique hosted by a guest critic or art influential. ​ An Evening with Stephanie, curated by Magdalena Moursy and Hugo Wheeler of Transparent Platform and narrated by Clive Jennings, Director of the national print gallery and independent art consultant, will be the first of the series and welcomes Eleanor Johnson and Venetia Berry, two emerging artists, both academically trained to explore the human condition through the painted portrait. Working with transgender model Stephanie, the artists are given the unique opportunity to develop their creative practice in front of an intimate audience. Transparent Platform, together with L’Escargot, aims to generate a fully immersive and multi-sensory experience. The three-hour evening aims to deliver a heightened relationship between the audience and the artist; revealing an illuminating insight into different artistic processes and the transparency of each brushstroke. ​ A specially curated three-course meal, which reflects the colours and textures of the room and artworks being created will accompany the evening. ​ To coincide with the events, a series of exhibitions featuring the piece of art created on the evening, and the latest artworks by the artists, will be presented at L’Escargot and open to the public.