Andy's Christmas Advent Calendar (ACAC)

  • Andy Reeve ✌️

Seeing as this year has been horrible for practically everyone, I decided to have a little fun and make a series of silly homemade animated Christmas Advent Calendar videos. I must say it's enormous fun making and colouring in sets and characters using felt-tip pins, bits of card, toilet rolls, and using my drawing with a scalpel skills to make faces and accessories. Whilst it started simple, it's blossomed into "Visual FX" and a cast of five characters. I've made one of two "behind the scenes" videos.... I film each video using an old Huawei mobile phone with a cracked screen, and using the pause button a lot. You might, or not, enjoy them. They are not to be taken seriously! I've listed all of them, and will continue to do so, via my visual artworks website: