Anemoia (film)

  • Holly Lavelle
  • Charlotte Banks

This editorial is based on ‘Anemoia’, which is the word used to describe having nostalgia for a time you’ve never known. We all romanticize past eras and claim we were born in the wrong generation, but completely gloss over the fact that life would of been much harder, especially for women. We’re looking at it through rose tinted glasses. Yeah past eras have cooler clothes and funner hair, but what about human rights? Taking inspiration from a handful of different eras that are romanticized all the way back to Marie Antoinette 1700s, the mash up styling is based off things women weren’t allowed to do until this century. Whilst drenched in nostalgia, I want the shoot to be a celebration of how far we’ve come.

Did you know that sports shoes weren’t designed for women until the 1980s because we didn’t have a considerable place in sport ?
It used to be illegal for women to wear trousers, as it constituted as ‘dressing like a man’, so we didn't use any trousers in this shoot! 👖