Anna Money Launch Campaign

  • Patrick Stevenson-Keating

Say hello to the world's first meowing business debit card! I helped ANNA Money launch their financial services company to the world in a playful way - showing the company’s individuality in an increasingly crowded sector. ANNNA (Absolutely No Nonsense Admin) is a revolutionary business account and digital admin assistant, combining the best of human and artificial intelligence. At the heart of the brand, is the desire to do finance differently - solving real business problems with a smile. The brand, developed by Michael Wolff and NB Studio, puts play firmly at its centre. The challenge was to find the right way to launch the ANNA product. One that was true to the playful spirit of the brand, whilst also communicating the dedication to solving real financial issues for small business owners. I started the project with a deep dive research phase. It was vital we understood where “finance” had come from before we could imagine where it might go. A mix of primary and secondary research saw us interview leading industry experts, get hands on with SMEs customers, and even quiz the staff at the Bank of England Museum. The results were liberating. Although most of us think about the little plastic rectangle as the only way to interact with money, history had shown us that, around the world, people had always been innovating in this industry. It was this freedom that gave us all the encouragement to start a unique project that would begin to challenge the relationships we have with our money. From our research, we developed 100 ideas for new financial products, and illustrated 20 of these to be used on the ANNA social media platforms. These received widespread public appeal, building to the campaign climax - developing the worlds first “meowing” debit card, answering the question, “what does making a payment sound like?”. Working with the design and marketing team at ANNA we created four physical prototypes of our initial ideas, a working internet connected meowing lucky cat, and recorded a number of adverts for a social media campaign.