Anthelion Helicopters

  • Hamish Duncan
An elegant, inspiring and visually rich series of photos and an accompanying audio slideshow for the Anthelion Helicopter instagram feed.
The visual style of the photo shoot is what I would call poetic-realism. The images have a truth and honesty, yet are more considered and beautiful to behold than just straight documentary, achieved through a series of gentle contrasts.
STORY EXCERPT Taking off from Long Beach airport the wind blew sharply through the cabin as we rose above the Anthelion Helicopter headquarters. They'd asked pre-flight whether I'd like the door on or off, opting for the latter it all became clear as we banked steeply over downtown Los Angeles that 400m was an awe-inspiring height.
FIELD NOTES @anthelion.helicopters instagram feed Shot on a 2016 Leica M8 with a 28mm Biogon Carl Zeiss lens