Apple Watch TV Ads

Brief: Create concepts and storyboards for 15 second TV spots to advertise the new range of the Apple Watch. Highlight magic moments where this new technology allows you to save time, problem solve and live in the active present.
Solution: 16 films with dreamy coloured studio backgrounds reminiscent of the iconic Apple “silhouette” ads. Scripts that transform mundane activities into moments of joy: popsicle eating skateboarders that “pay on the go,” dancers that “just say play” and boogie to their 80’s favourites and mothers ensuring younge smiles (and treats) with “an easy way to pay.”
Role: I collaborated with talented writers and designers to create tireless rounds of scripts, storyboards and curate the look and feel of the TV spots. I was very proud that one of my 70 scripts made it to the final executive round. I learnt about the time and detail needed to produce graphics to the high standards of the Apple brand.
Impact: The Apple Watch ads were broadcast on TV and online from October 2015.

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