Are @ TATE | Augmented Reality Exhibition Tour

  • Luca Jakab

Exhibition Tour Concept and Marketing The visitors of the Tate Modern could participate in a special guided tour set up, on the occasion of the Day of Hungarian Painting. With the help of augmented reality (AR), ARe projects virtual elements to the physical environment (in this case, paintings, photos and other works of art) through a mobile application and thus offers a completely unique visual display and exciting user experience to those observing the artefact through the mobile app. The technology allows exhibition visitors to scan the given work of art using the ARe app on their mobile phones (just as if they were taking a photo of it) and to access additional related content that gives life to a whole new world compared to the traditional exhibition environment. With the help of augmented reality, they can bring to life what has been static until then. For this project, I created the concept and content of the exhibition tours and managed all marketing activities in the UK.