• Robbie-Lee Valentine
#tb to a much more naïve, less experienced, carefree - yet still clearly an anxious, 2010 version of me. Do I miss Istanbul, I hear you ask, hell yeah! But, I'm also grateful to be home in the UK, and to be finally receiving (FREE) treatment for the struggles I've had with my mental health. Please don't ever feel like you have to hide your problems and suffer in silence - because you don't! The more we talk about this, the better! Yeah, it's hard sometimes having a 'different' brain. But please remember, having mental health related concerns are something we can all relate to at some point in our journey through this life. Time will always pass, but please don't do what I did and wait so many years to get help! Our mental health is much more important than trying to focus all of our energy on just trying to keep up with our hectic lives! I love you and all of your special brains! ❤️ #Health #MentalHealth #Anxiety#Depression #ADHD #life#MentalHealthAwareness #InstaHealth#InstaLife #NHS #SaveTheNHS