Art Direction // F Word Magazine

  • Nicci James
Fashion is so often about the visual, and yet the feeling of being comfortable in what you’re wearing is what makes a look. Feel was a project for F Word Magazine’s Youth Rising Issue. With a diverse cast of 10 models, Simon (OWOI)’s master plan was to get their input on what they should be wearing, and put their perspective on the page. How often do models get to be more than just a blank canvas?
In a world of digital obsession, it is so wonderful to be in print. This editorial was such a pleasure to work on because the whole team was so engaged in what we were trying to achieve- and I have to say, the results speak for themselves.
Creative Direction & Photography: Simon Schmidt Creative Assistance & Styling: Nicci James Make Up: Eliza Clark Hair: Elvire Roux Fashion Assistant: Filippa Engvali
Models: Aster, Amanda, Anastasia & Lim Lee @Wild; Lucy @MILK; Zaira & Casey @Wilhelmina; Sasha, Tamara & Keira @PRM