Art Direction | Model Photography - Lee Stafford Hair Apology

  • Leilani Hayward

Directing a selection of stills to use as supporting collateral to the 'Rewind Damage' video, created for the launch of Lee Stafford Hair Apology. Intensive Care for Hair - The concept behind this shoot was to create a selection of stills that were indicative of caring, playful, confident moods and insulated the idea of 'making amends' and apologising to your hair after years of colour, heat and styling damage. Alongside the primary video shoot, I worked on a second set with photographer David Cummings and directed a series of images to be used on social and digital platforms to support the launch of Lee Stafford Hair Apology. Post shoot, I completed retouching, color grading, and cropping to ensure these images were fitting to the Lee Stafford social media aesthetic. Launched in March 2020.