Art For a Cause: How To Translate Emotion Into Illustration

  • Simona De Leo

Have you ever struggled with expressing yourself through your illustrations? Sometimes we feel anxious, stressed, or simply restless, but we cannot find the words to describe the weight of what we are holding inside. We all know art can be therapeutic and an outlet to relieve difficult feelings. Thanks to illustration and visual communication, we can learn to connect with others by conveying our feelings and emotions on paper. In this class, I will teach you how to create art for a cause that you care about, such as mental health, wellbeing, equality, etc. I will teach you how to create an illustration from scratch using visual communication, color theory, and layout to better translate your emotions into images and connect with your audience. You don’t need to be an experienced illustrator or artist, although prior knowledge of basic drawing techniques or digital drawing software such as photoshop is required. If you want to create a poster for a particular cause or a project to give voice to your ideals and raise awareness on a specific topic, this class will give you the right tools and help you to create your project from start to final artwork.

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