Art Fund for YCN 2018

  • Leila George
  • etyuyr ytrytu
  • Nastya Le
  • Daniel Rudden
  • Simon Park

For a long time, the idea of going to art galleries has had pretentious and elitist connotations, but recently the art world has become an increasingly accessible, inclusive place, with artists, artwork and creative events that are more reflective of a wider demographic of people. This campaign was created to drive sales of the Student Art Pass amongst university students via Instagram with a light-hearted tone. The first part of the series is a set of GIFs which feature artworks found at Art Fund galleries, paired with light-hearted slogans. The second part of the campaign is made for use as a carousel ad, drawing comparisons between troupes found on social media and in selected artworks (found in Art Fund galleries).

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