• Roshan Takhar

For this Christmas season, I have created a range of designs for Art Hotels Ltd. Ranging from designs for digital billboards, leaflets, social media, magazines, website, banners, email, etc. The aim here is to provide branding for the hotels, that conveys legitimacy in the product and help upsell the events going on in the hotels this Christmas. From early monitoring, we can see that this year our events has double the amount of engagements on social media, this is due to better-designed content and increased investment in our marketing.

New Year's poster created for Pinewood Hotel. This is used in some magazines and social media.
Our 2-Tone event which has now SOLD OUT! Created for social media and magazine ads.
Banner ad created for Fredrick Hotel's email banner and outside banners.
This design was produced for a Digital billboard. Originally this design was intended to be animated however this fell through.
Personally I would have preferred all marketing material for Christmas to have consistant branding. After discussing with mtanagement some magazine ads had to focus on promoting the venue so I had to change the design. This is an example of this.
Christmas banner for print and email.
A locality map made for social media and websites. In an attempt to make it easier for guests to see the great location Pinewood Hotel is in.