Art in the Era of Social Media: How Instagram has Shaped a New Relationship Between Museums, Galleries, and their Visitors

  • Cristina Ricci

Creative project part of the Transforming (Critical) Practices module (2019) in the MA Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London. I analysed various ways in which Instagram has changed visitors’ approach to art in museums and galleries, and how these institutions adapted to this platform accordingly.
In the pre-digital photography era the message was “This is what I am seeing. I have seen” and today the message is “I was there. I came, I saw, and I selfied.”

JiaJia Fei
Director of Digital, Jewish Museum

Blog posts:

  • Instagram aesthetics and free labour
  • How museums and galleries are adapting to Instagram
  • Instagram takeovers
  • The importance of #hashtags
  • The Kusama effect
  • Museum: From ritual site to stage for events
  • Should photography be allowed in art museums and galleries?
  • Art replicas I: Becoming a work of art
  • Art replicas II: Standing in front of a reproduction
  • The imagined audience
  • A demand for experiences: The rise of pop-up museums
  • Alternative memory devices
  • To be continued