Artist @ ATA RODO LONDON: WOC Exhibition - Deptford Does Art

  • Camille Lesforis

My work was selected for a 4 day exhibition at Deptford Does Art Gallery by Funso-Foluso Henry Founder and Director of ATA RODO LONDON. ATA RODO organises exhibitions showcasing the creative talents of women of colour. It is a space that empowers women of colour by providing them with an exclusive platform to express themselves through the arts. ATA RODO is for any female creatives who have been used fill a diversity quota; for anyone who has had the meaning of their art distorted or misunderstood by the commercial eye; whose art has been deemed too 'ethnic' or 'political'. We are fighting for your work to be seen – no matter how uncomfortable it makes those viewing it. "ATA RODO is for us, by us." Myself and many other talented WOC artists were selected to exhibit pieces of work that reflected ‘ Celebration’. I exhibited photographs of a carnival costume I made for Notting Hill Carnival. After 3 months of character development, story writing, design and costume construction, I completed the final garment naming it - ‘The Masquerader’
The design stems from a short self written fantasy story about the spirit of carnival.
This children's fantasy story is inspired by the themes of carnival, celebration and community. The Masquerader follows the narrative of how carnival unfolded in the mythical village of Lavoyoto and follows how three spirits ( Rhythm, Leadership and Sound) came together through the Masqueraders guidance. The spirit acts as a protector of the village and a driving force of freedom. The story has a strong relation to my Caribbean heritage with a magical edge.
 The exhibition ran for 4 days with amazing WOC comedians, poets and musicians that performed for 2 nights.