ArtLab Tate Exchange 2018

  • Robbie McKane
  • Diane Pognan

ArtLab is concerned with how we make the most of our young peoples futures, by bringing a wide range of children from across different social backgrounds into contact with cutting edge art and technology projects. The Tate Exchange is a rolling programme of free events at the Tate Modern, ArtLab as part of the Reading Assembly brought children from schools from the Reading area into the Tate to experience a series of diverse creative activities. The footage for this project was captured across a single day, shot and directed by myself. To differentiate the film stylistically I decided to limit the majority of the shots to static compositions, using macro lenses to pick out the different textures of the various objects and tools used in the activities. I feel this approach was very successful in communicating the rich diversity present in the project. In post-production I worked closely with an edit assistant to craft a poppy, staccato-like rhythm to fit the images shot on the day. In addition to this trailer, a full video of the day is available here on the ArtLab website. This project was produced on behalf of MotionBlurr Studios.