'As Crazy As It Sounds', Video Series Pilot for Comedy Central (Viacom)

  • Emilie Dubois
  • Amer Idris

Description: 2 guests will tell a crazy/unbelievable story that happened to them both and viewers will then vote to decide whether they believe the story to be true or not. Role: I produced this short 1min30s pilot as well as prepare a 15min pitch for a live brief for Comedy Central (Viacom) as part of my NFTS course. *Video link available upon request. Cast: Amy Matthews & Leah Cunard Team: Producer/Director/Editor: Emilie Dubois Camera Operator: Amer Idris Scriptwriter: Megan Fozzard Production Assistants: Vicky Swain & Alessia Di Palma Graphics & Titles: Maria Cerrato Alaya & Gintare Tamasauskaite


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    National Film and Television School (NFTS)