Asian Paints: Braille Shade card

Asian Paints for the Blind- Expressing through colours. (pro bono concept)

We derive so much joy and pleasure choosing that perfect colour for the walls in our house. A colour that represents us, our personality, and in many ways is a very sensory experience.
How to we extend that feeling to a blind person ? How do we share the joy of colours, with those who cannot see? How can we empower them to express themselves through colours?

Every colour has something to say, and can be associated with a feeling- be it calm, passion, or peace. What if we made a palette of emotions? A palette of stories?

Introducing the Asian Paints Braille Colour Palette.

Lets launch this project in one of the many 'Homes for the Blind' in Mumbai.
Repainting the boarding and hostel buildings and rooms.

We start by painting small swatches of the colour palette on a wall. The colour swatch will actually be a textured swatch, the 'texture', being the Braille script.

Each colour swatch tells a story. So when a blind person runs his fingers on the colour, he reads the story and emotions associated with that colour, and chooses the colour for his room in the hostel.

For example, while running his fingers over Vermillion, he reads: I am the colour of determination as well as passion, love and romance. As a colour of flamboyance, I stand out in a crowd of colours with vigour, willpower and rage. I am Vermillion.

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