Aston Martin - Heard Before It's Seen

  • Jacob Pritchard

I went for a walk and heard an almighty roar, next thing an Aston Martin Vantage drove past me. The little side-of-the-mouth impressed smile came onto my face. ​This is what we wanted our campaign to brag about. The fact that if you are driving this car you know others will be impressed. The fact that you can tell your friends you are 10 minutes away without having to text them. The fact that you are behind the wheel of one of Britain most historic cars indicates a social status that you have worked so hard for. ​The campaign will be positioned strategically. Business people are very busy and spend the majority of their time within work. So we took the adverts to them. Advertising in places they spend their time. Reading newspapers on their commutes, flicking through Linkedin and experimented with the idea of a pre-roll to a loading of the TV in hotel rooms. 


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