Attenborough Story of Life

  • James Chorley
  • Sid Naghdi
  • Lionel Agbadou
  • peter menich

Sir David’s talent is that he finds simple ways into the natural world, creating themes identifying behaviours or using the challenges inherent in different habitats to tell stories. The app allows you to explore almost 3,000 minutes of footage in individual clips and craft your own collections and share them with the world. The app actively helps you to create collections that make thematic sense by driving suggested clips.

Each clip is categorised by what the animal is, their habitat, and their behaviour. They can be explored by scrolling through a visual wheel, which allows you to quickly select a topic of interest and reveal all the clips that match it. There are almost 30,000 data points to track information about the contents of the clips, from whether they show learning or hunting, to if the clips contain baby animals or an astonishing trait like active camouflage.
With a dedicated search feature, you can browse by species, animal name or even the series title to easily find exactly what you are looking for.
It resulted in a look and feel that was inspired by the three generations of camera operators, who have braved the most extreme environments on our planet to capture jaw-dropping visuals of life on Earth. Given that Sir David brings you life through the lens, the app’s interface centres on the use of circular shapes and gestures, that literally bring the natural world into focus.
Working with Sir David Attenborough and the BBC was an amazing and humbling experience, given how much impact and influence he has had on so many generations and the level of quality content the BBC creates. It’s very rare to have access to that level of expertise so to work with him in such a collaborative way was incredible. His feedback and input was so valuable and his boundless enthusiasm was always a source of inspiration.

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