Atura Hotels

  • Zain Meer

2019 | UX | Nightjar Atura hotels are the latest brand of design-driven hotels targeting modern business and leisure travellers. Aimed at the mid-market traveller, offering a unique experience whilst giving customers value. The client wanted to reduce the number of steps in order for a customer to book a room, currently having 5 steps for the user to book a room, there a loss of customer engagement and click through rate. By creating a sitemap and analysing the steps and separating out content, we managed to reduce this down to 3 steps. We then created desktop and mobile wireframes and prototypes for the client to experience the user journey.

Desktop Prototyping
Mobile Prototyping
Selected Hotel Page
Rooms Page
Meetings & Events Page
Promotions Page
Dining Page
Selected Dining Page
Things To Do Page