Aubrey Beardsley – The Art of Being a Dandy | Tate

  • Oliver Mason
  • emily almond barr
  • Scott Morris

I was commissioned by the TATE to direct and edit this short film ahead of their exhibition of Aubrey Beardsley’s work. Curator Stephen Calloway and drag performer Holly James Johnston sit down to tea to discuss the ‘dos and don’ts’ of dandyism according to artist Aubrey Beardsley. Beardsley shocked and delighted Victorian London with his black and white drawings. In fact, the 1890s even became known in some circles as the ‘Beardsley Period’. At the centre of this decadent world was the ‘dandy’, an elegant and enigmatic character made famous by Beardsley and friends like Oscar Wilde. You can find out more about Beardsley in an exhibition of his work at Tate Britain, from 4 March to 25 May 2020.