Avid Energy | Rebrand

  • Verity Wheatley
  • romain kedochim

Irish prepay energy supplier PrepayPower wanted to expand into the UK.

Launching into an already saturated market, how could yet another prepay energy supplier stand out against the likes of Ovo, Utilita and British Gas?
Estimated bills. Awkward meter readings. Complete lack of awareness about where that direct debit's actually going. Terms and conditions as long as your arm.
Why is energy so difficult to understand?
Avid wants to show people that their energy doesn't need to be complicated.
I wanted know the people behind Avid's business. I felt that this brand needed to have a recognisable personality - like that friend that points out something really obvious to you, that you hadn't really thought about before.
Speaking to their people, I realised that they all loved what they did. They loved supplying simple energy to people.
They were positively Avid about it.
Leading the project, I built Avid's name along with their visual and verbal identity, and then created an integrated launch campaign.
I art directed the brand photography shoot with our model, Susanne, and Avid’s first TV spot.