Avo-lution Brunch Club

  • Meredith O'Shaughnessy
  • Hannah Jones

The World's First Pop-up completely dedicated to the Avocado! The series was hosted in conjunction with #whirlpoolfoodies which, focuses on celebrating the food we love by creating unique and signature menu’s around speciality foods featuring upcoming chefs at varying creative locations across London.

“ Everything from the dessert to the cocktails is to include avocados as the main ingredient, and it sounds delicious.”
— Business Insider
Our Extraordinary series of Avo Pop-up Brunch Clubs. Celebrating the worlds most popular green fruit…the humble but wonderful Avocado. With sold out dates throughout April, May and June, avocado lovers tucked into an avo-only menu featuring avocado soup, risotto, cocktails, ice cream and chocolate at our five-course pop-up brunch event in Shoreditch.
“Avocado love has still got legs as this month we welcome a pop up restaurant serving five avocado heavy courses.”
— Red Magazine
Orchestrated by the Meredith Collective as part of an on-going collaboration with Whirlpool, juxtaposing the brand with innovative food and promoting the concept of #worldpoolfoodies, the pop-up was a resounding success - and the world's first avocado restaurant.
"The food was great and the staff was very friendly. The whole environment with all these nice avocado cushions was just adorable. I really liked that I tasted avocado in so many different ways. Well done guys! Keep going!"
- A Happy Brunch Goer