B-Corp Month Campaign – PROPER

  • Lucy Harper
  • Ewa Lefmann

All B-Corp certified businesses celebrate B-Corp month each year to celebrate and spread the word about what being a B-Corp means and how to become certified. It can become a layered and complex communications piece as each company becomes certified for different aspects of their business with varying scores. Concept The problem that most businesses face is that no one knows what a B-Corp is, meaning this campaign needed to break down what it meant for PROPER in very tangible ways. We established 3 areas of focus: The World, The PROPER Team and PROPER brand Community as a basis for story-telling. Solution A series of short videos for PROPER’s instagram feed, educating followers on the specifics of what being a B-Corp means to the brand and why it’s important. Email me for more information and to see the family of videos.

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