B.J.P. Election Campaign

  • Saachi Mehta
The campaign was made on the theme of the destruction of the demons of inflation, corruption and atrocity by Shri Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India. Highlighting the fact that even a miniature of his, could bring down bigger evils in the society, like he has in his own State. Also, the demons are portrayed as per the Hindu mythology, to bring out the true philosophies of this Political Party, which is widely misunderstood. Their philosophy of Hinduism is nothing but the victory of good over evil, and this is what I have tried to bring out in this illustrative campaign. Also a semi realistic style of illustration is used in grey tones to add interest value while still depicting the grim and dull realities. The language for the headlines and copy used is Hindi, as its the national language and this being a political campaign, makes Hindi more relatable.