Badge Button Pin

  • Gavin Lucas
Having written about button badges for a feature in Creative Review magazine, I became slightly obsessed with the fact that button badges are everywhere: on lapels and bags and, more significantly, in the sketchbooks and on the screens of some of the hottest graphic designers, artists and illustrators around.
Badge Button Pin (published by Laurence King, 2007) explores the rich variety of uses of the badge - promotional, revenue-raising or simply decorative and brings together the best and most beautiful badges being produced today by some of the world’s top design talent, including the likes of Milton Glaser, James Joyce, Trevor Jackson, Emmi Salonen, Eboy, Kim Jones, Fred Deakin, Michael C. Place and FL@33 - to name but a few.
To launch the book, I produced an exhibition at Exposure Gallery on Little Portland Street in central London. The exhibition featured badges and related artwork by Antoni & Alison, Jonathan Ellery, Ian Wright, Mark Pawson, Stereohype, Parra, Jeremyville and more.
Also published in Italian and Spanish editions.


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