• Lilly Guichard

Bagism: instead of judging on outward appearance, we can only focus on the idea, voice, message the Bagist delivers to the public. A concept created by Yoko Uno and John Lennon: they said it was inspired by the Little Prince ("one sees rightly only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes"). Ideas are seeds we plant and let grow freely. Thoughts blooming. Beautiful flowers we share without prejudice. Bagism. In the first picture, the flowers come out of the mouth, like a thought that becomes our voice. In the second picture, a hand is giving a flower to the masked face, like two people interacting without prejudice. This was an assignment for the set design course with @mashakechaeva probably my favourite one. Thank you to my model for your fun self and for making it possible. And that ramen was de-li-cious.