Lilly Guichard

Lilly Guichard

PhotographerLisbon, Portugal
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Lilly Guichard

Lilly Guichard

PhotographerLisbon, Portugal
About me
I use photography as a medium to tell stories, rediscover the world and its cultural diversity, and redefine the mainstream concept of reality.
  • I'm waiting for the bus
    I'm waiting for the busFor the final homework of my set design class with @mashakechaeva, I was inspired by a Haiku from Hakyo Ishida: I am waiting for the bus / Spring's on the highway / There is no doubt. The bus is coming with a new season, a new beginning while the main character is waiting with a bouquet in their hand. Gentle excitement boiled up inside them. Ready to go onboard. How long do they have to wait? When is the bus due to arrive? We don't know but we know for sure it will reach its destination somehow
  • Bagism
    BagismBagism: instead of judging on outward appearance, we can only focus on the idea, voice, message the Bagist delivers to the public. A concept created by Yoko Uno and John Lennon: they said it was inspired by the Little Prince ("one sees rightly only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes"). Ideas are seeds we plant and let grow freely. Thoughts blooming. Beautiful flowers we share without prejudice. Bagism. In the first picture, the flowers come out of the mouth, like a thought
  • Small Eyes Big City
    Small Eyes Big CitySmall Eyes Big City is a way to reconnect with the world through storytelling. Stories possess power: they comfort, connect, destroy, transform, heal. They maintain humanity. And we are all hardwired for stories. As I rediscover my adoptive city London or travel around the world, I learn about new cultures, meet ordinary heroes, find beauty in the simple things we tend to overlook; and translate them into photography and short stories. SEBC is an alternative to the mainstream concept of reality.
  • New Orleans
    New OrleansI documented the Mardis Gras Indians, a parade which occurs a week after the famous NOLA Mardis Gras. Dressed in handmade costumes of feathers and beads, people dance to the sound of tribal chants. Mardis Gras Indians is an homage to the Native Americans who helped runaway slaves seek refuge.
  • 'Lobster abd Potato bread' short story
    'Lobster abd Potato bread' short storyYou can read my story "Lobster and Potato bread" on Postscript magazine.
  • "Carnet de Voyage" in Havana
    "Carnet de Voyage" in Havana"Carnet de Voyage" delivers a vibrant portrait of the city traveled through street photography, candid portraiture and short stories. It presents a cultural, stereotypical, political, psychological impression of Cuban life. Available on I organised the exhibition/book launch, which included the exhibition design and set up as well as the logistic and communication.
Work history
    PhotographerNumbi Arts
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I take pictures during their events, festival, and workshops. Last year, I set up a corner Malick Sidibe style and took a few shots of people who were invited to wear traditional clothing, in order to rebuild the old pictures that were sent by Somali immigrants to their family back home.
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