Banco do Brasil

  • Daniel Souza
Banco do Brasil is the largest bank of Latin America, with +200 Billion Dollars in assets.
The bank has focused their efforts on developing transactional internet banking and mobile apps, but they hadn’t updated their public-facing site for seven years.
A huge part of their 6 million monthly unique visitors were unable to find information regarding their products and services. This was causing huge customer service overflow.
The agency UX and Strategy teams were asked to solve this problem.
The bank created a multidisciplinary team, with people from Marketing, Customer Experience and Technology. Through discovery sessions and workshops we discussed the strategy and project scope. I acted as liaison for this team in order to establish a clear and viable UX strategy. 
One of our goals was to make the new website accessible and available for all devices. The big challenge and opportunity was to understand and rewrite all content (+ 30.000 pages).

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